Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, September 13

Today the most wonderful thing happened!!!  A few days ago Gary stayed at a shelter.  He got there late but everyone scooted over and made room for him.  He got up and left.  That evening he discovered he had forgotten his journal.  Gary always journals but on this trip his had more room in the one he took and I am sure it was more detailed.  I was sick to hear he had forgotten it but with the crowd making room for him to sleep not surprised he left it.   Today, it was in the mail.  A hiker called "The Walking Stick" found it, apparently sending it back to Amacola Falls, GA and they had his address.  I am so impressed with the people that have crossed his path during this six month journey.  I also got a package with the wet camera and SD card.  His pictures are breath taking!!!

These were taken August 19, around North Woodstock, NH:


  1. Been following his journey for months now, since we met him here near Buchanan, VA, when we fed thru hikers breakfast.
    Wishing him all the best as he continues his trek to Katahdin.

  2. LOVE the picture of him standing with the mountains behind him! He looks great! Still praying for his finish...Michelle Tallman