Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28

After a couple times I talked to Gary this morning. Without his AT Guide he doesn't really know what is coming up.  He was at Wildcat Mountain peak E so I told him that Wildcat Mountain peak D had a gondola that rides down to a restaurant.  Later he called me from the gondola and was going down for  lunch.  I briefly talked to him this evening and he was camping alone along the trail.  The reception is terrible and our conversations are really brief.  Looking at my copy of the AT Guide the terrain looks so hilly and at this point is around 5,000 feet.  Another good thing about the whole trip...we have had a time getting the Osprey Backpack returned.  I finally found it at the Mountain Meadows Lodge in Killington, VT.  Gary put the wrong label on it and they were holding it.  I talked to the person in charge and he sent it back to me and wanted me to then send him a check for the postage.  It is hard to find people that trusting now days.

A foggy walk to Greystock



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