Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13

Gary called this morning after being out of range for a couple calling times.  It was good to hear he was ok.  He stayed at the Trapper John Shelter Last night 425.5 miles to go.  When he left today he passed Bill Ackerly's home.  He had a cooler on the porch full of soft drinks for $.50 each, a hose to get water, an electrical outlet to charge the phone, a scale to weigh the backpack and a lounge chair to relax a little....also a croquet set.  What a great guy to have along the way.
He is at the Hexacuba Shelter tonight and is heading to North Woodstalk, NH tomorrow.  I sent a battery charger for his camera there.  I am looking forward to getting newer pictures.  But for now I have some CT pictures.

Waking up to a foggy morning.

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