Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 16

Gary has been in and out of range where he is now.  He did call this morning and had been to a shelter for the night.  He had to pay, I think to stay there but they took them down to a Walmart, fed them breakfast and he had a shower.  He is staying in a hotel sometime next week and will send me a card from the camera.  His camera's battery is dead and I think I am missing some great photos.  He is above the 4,000 foot elevation, getting up above the tree line.  There are small pine trees and chipmunks, no snakes or bears.  The fog is all around him and this morning it was about 40 degrees. 

I think I have a couple pictures from his last card:

This is the Hemlocks Shelter in MA at the 1508.0 mile marker.

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