Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday, August 25

I talked to Gary yesterday after a day or so with him having no service.  He had stayed at the Zealand Falls Hut (kind of like a 4-H type of camp).  You could work off a night in their place so after only walking 6 miles Gary decided to work off a night.  He cleaned their stoves and griddles.  They got to eat left over food and he said it was cool.  There were no showers but they had electricity so he could charge phone and camera.  They slept on the floor.  It didn't sound like a great place but he said he wanted to work off a night just for the sake of doing it.  He also lost his book that tells what is happening mile by mile.  I had his old wet one so put it in the mail to go to Gorham, NH.  This morning he was at Mt. Monroe almost to Mt. Washington.  Mt. Monroe is over 5,000 feet and he will climb to Mt. Washington today that is 6,000 feet plus.  He has about 332 miles left.  It won't be long!!  I have new pictures but will add my last few from the last card.

Looks like a bear box.


  1. I read the article in the paper this morning about Gary. What he is doing is simply amazing. I always knew that Gary was a tough one but wow. I spoke to him via fb before he left so i knew about the journey, i just never realized how far it was. We worked together for years at Mattress Warehouse so I know him pretty well. Your almost finished Gary, be careful my friend. Thoughts and prayers, Jeramy K.

  2. I also read the article in Charleston Gazette Sun. 8/26/12. What a great story. It was a friend's dream to hike the AT, but Gary is the one that is actually going to complete the journey. Amazing that he kept going on alone...that takes true spirit. Keep walking Gary, not much further now!
    I would love to one day thru hike the AT, but for now will follow Gary until he reaches Maine.

    Mark A.