Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9

Gary called a couple times today.  This morning and he was walking in the rain and this evening during my class (couldn't talk much) and he has pitched his tent beside the trail because I think it was still raining.  Last night he stayed at The Lookout at mile 1713.2.  That was a tower and a cabin.  I think another guy was staying there who was getting ready to get his Phd from ....mmmm I forgot where Gary told me.  Maybe tomorrow he will go into New Hampshire.  He also told me not to send any more fig newtons.  Oh well, try to make things not so boring. 

I still have a couple pictures to add:

I believe this may be Bear Mountain, CT

Notice the white mark on the tree.  That is the Appalachian Trail show you the way to go.

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