Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4

Gary called several times today.  He had service more than he has had ever on this trip.  Everytime he called he sounded like there were people in the background.  He said that tonight he and four others were sleeping on a fire tower and had to be checked out by a forest ranger before.  I guess that is an exciting way to sleep.

He stopped at the steak house and it was closed.  He ate at a gas station next door.  Boy when you have your hopes up for steak and have to eat chips from the gas station....I have no idea what he got for dinner. 
I sent a stamped self addressed envelope with the last box I sent so hopefully I will have some more pictures next week.  These are some of the final PA pictures:

Passing a grave yard.  Some of the dates are 1700's I think.

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