Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, July 24

I just got my internet back tonight so I haven't shared Gary's last few days.  He walked 18.5 miles today and seemed really happy when I talked to him.  He is at the October Mountain Shelter tonight sleeping in a shelter and tomorrow is going in to Becket, MA to spend the night and pick up the packages I sent there.  He has food, a new back pack (Osprey has a lifetime guarantee and is sending the new one to the hotel), new stove and card for his camera.  Gary had eaten cold food for a couple weeks and know he will be glad to be able to heat up his rice, etc. 

More PA/NY pictures.  I should get his new card in a day or two.

The fella that Gary started hiking with had a cousin that picked Gary up, took him to the store and back to the trail.  Just having someone to visit with was a good thing as well.

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