Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16

Gary stayed at a bed and Breakfast last night and seemed really rested.  The rooms had no TV so I imagine he went to bed early.  The people picked them up and took them back so that was a nice surprise as well.  He called this evening and said it was at the most beautiful camp site so far on the trip.  He said it had a gazebo, a porch swing and even a pump.  There were some other people there as well. 

I am sending an envelope to see if I can get some newer pictures.  Here are some more PA/NY pics:

Talk about a rocky path!

See the white Appalachian mark to show the trail....right up over the rocks.

A little "Trail Magic".  Volunteers feeding and visiting with the hikers.  He has run into that a few times on the trip.

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