Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday, July 10

Gary called from a taking a rest on a big rock above the hills in NY.  He said he was 51 miles from New York City and at times you could see the skyline in the distance.  He is taking pictures so hopefully I can post later. 

 He went through an area called the "lemon squeezer" yesterday and for one person it was hard to get up through the narrow area with a back pack.  With more than on person one would go up and then take the packs and then the other would go up.  He said it was to the point you had to hoist yourself up, with your pack, with your arms.  This part of NY is really tough and the miles per day are getting less. 


  1. Please tell him I am enjoying reading about his hike and all the sacrifices he is making to accomplish this remarkable goal.

    Ed Campbell

  2. He will be glad to hear from you.