Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2

I was looking at the final ascent of the trail on Mount Katahdin, Maine and saw a poem written for a couple of guys that were finishing.  Gary is walking alone but made a couple good friends that keep in touch with the phone as they are walking.  They got separated with the other two having to go here and there and coming back to the trail.  I imagine they will remain friends for a long time. 

Here is the poem:
Georgia to Maine -- Are You Insane?
Written by: Debra Blohm
(As a gift to Ben & Billy on the completion of the A.T.)

Once upon a time there where two young men
Two strangers walking as their journey began
One named Billy and the other Ben
They found in each other a life long friend

They left civilization as they knew it
To climb to the top of every summit
To walk every valley, over hill and dale
Nothing would stop them - they would not fail!

You awake each morning and make your plan
To climb huge rocks and boulders higher than a man
You scramble and hold on the best that you can
Trying hard to avoid Troy and his van

Putting one foot in front of the other day after day
Admiring the works of mother nature along the way
Sky touching misty mountains
Drinking cool clear water from nature's fountains

Bright blue skies without a cloud in sight
Beautiful star filled summer nights
You've worked to make your backpacks light
Together you have witnessed some amazing sights

Mountains that are too beautiful to see
Yet there is where you want to be
Valleys far too lovely for human eyes
Walking on clouds with your heads in the skies

You've hiked from Georgia, now to Maine
Not for worldly wealth or fame
You hike the trail because it's there
It's now a friend with which you share

You've shared the cold, you've shared the heat
You've shared the mud beneath your feet
You've shared the black flies and the rain
You've shared the joys and shared the pain

To not fall, to not fail...
Through the snow, rain, sleet and hail
To keep on walking until you're there
Even though you're frozen to your underwear

Hiking nine to five yeah, it's fun if you're insane
Get up everyday and subject yourself to pain
Walk no matter what the day may hold in store
You just keep on walking more and more and more

You've stopped and taken some breaks along the way
Some were for rest and some were to play
Here we all are on this glorious day
And we've just three words we want to say...

You Made It!!!

Here are some pictures of Mt. Katahdin

Looking forward to seeing Gary's picture of this and hoping maybe I can be there.

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