Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30

A package was delivered today from Gary.  It contained his watch, that I bought a service plan on, a shirt, book, pages from the AT book and a picture card that starts in Greenwood Lake, NY.  I believe the scenery is nicer as he goes north.  I sent a package to him today and he will miss where it is going so hopefully they will forward it to his next stop.  Oh my, last night his plans were different.  We are keeping the postal service in business this year.
The pictures on this page are from Greenwood Lake, NY, his room had 2 double beds, a single bed and the fireworks went off late after the partying was in full swing.  Guess you never know where or what your stay will be.  I looked it up online and the site for the Breezy Point Inn is Looks like a nice place to go back to visit.

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