Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday, June 6

Gary has called several times the past couple weeks.  He is now in West Virginia --more than 1000 miles walked.  I am going to meet him but he changed the day because he couldn't make it on our planned time.  He is out of the Shenadoah Forest and out of most food.  I was taking him some but with the change of days haven't gotten it to him.  I think he is out of gas so eating cold noodles and rice.  I'll take extra when I meet him.  The trail is only in WV for a few miles so then he will cross into Maryland and then Pennsylvania.  I think Pennsylvania is really rocky and a hard walk.  From what I have heard from Gary's friends that are ahead and call me that the prices for rooms, etc. are higher in Pennsylvania than most places.  I will take my computer and download more pictures also. 

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