Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday, June 14 #2

     Gary called this evening and it was good to hear his leg is feeling better.  I get worried when he tells me he is sleeping alone in the woods.  No one around.  This happens more and more and I do worry about it.  He is however, on the down hill slide....he passed half way and is getting closer to coming home.
     Anyway, he said he passed a little store along the trail and there was a sign if you can eat a half gallon of ice cream in one setting you can have it free.  He did!  It was Breyers Reese Cup.  Wow! How fun would that be???

More VA pics:

I met Gary in Harper's Ferry after he had been on the Roller Coaster Hills.  It really wore him out.

This award ceremony is in Athens, WV.  I plan on driving Gary to this, he doesn't like getting pats on the back but I plan on making sure he attends.

What a rocky trail!

I believe that is the end of the VA pictures.  I am meeting him in Harrisburg, PA this week so will have some updated ones.

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