Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26

I just talked to Gary and he is going back up on the trail.  It is slowing down because of possibly slate on the trail and it is harder to walk on.  He mentioned snakes, also.  He plans on being out of PA the end of this week.

I found this on the internet about "Trail Magic".

Stories of Trail Magic

Sometimes strange things happen on the trail. Whenever something good happens unexpectedly, the incident is usually referred to as "Trail Magic" Sometimes it is stumbling upon a refreshing bottled drink chilling in a stream, other times it is a ride that comes along just when you were about to give up on a lift, and just when you need it the most. Whatever it is, most long distance hikers experiences this at least once during their trip.

He ran across an Appalachian museum.

First thru-hiker, Earl Shaffer.

"An encounter with Earl" by John Stempa, Smith Gap, PA
I was fortunate enough to track down the 1st ever thru-hiker, Earl Shaffer, as he passed thru the AMC Delaware Valley Chapter's section August 1, 1998. We discussed many trail issues and problems, and how things have changed over the years. I walked 4 miles with Earl until We reached Smith Gap Road, We then drove to our Blue Mtn. Dome home to fill his water bottles. He accepted our offer, and had dinner with Linda and I, and John III. After He had his fill of stuffed flounder, Baked potato, and fresh green beans, He decided it was time to stop talkin, and start walkin! After signing our copy of his book "Walking With Spring", and a few snapshots, I drove him back to the trail. Earl was a perfect gentleman, and seemed to be in good spirits, hopefully a sign, that He enjoyed his visit with Us. I shook his hand, and wished him the best of luck with the rest of his Hike, and after taking one last photo with the digital camera, He turned and started hiking north, trying to reach Leroy Smith shelter before dark. We feel honored to have met Earl, and are happy we could help him out, on his historic hike! WOW

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