Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday, May 20

I came home today after a great visit.  Seeing Gary head back up the mountain was difficult.  I couldn't believe how far he had to go to get back to the top of the hill to be back on the trail.  I sure am impressed more than ever.  I couldn't believe all the hikers at that spot, either coming or going.  Apparently there are day hikers, section hikers and through hikers.....all ages of men and women. 

Notice the white mark on the sign post and the trees.  That shows the AT hikers their trail.  Other trails are different colors.  I thought that was interesting and feel better that maybe it won't be too hard to find your way.  Imagine having the job of painting the trees?

Gary on his way back up to the top.

Check out the mountain in the center of this picture.  In the next couple days the trail is going to a height of over 4200 feet.

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