Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19

Guess who I found along the road?


  1. Hello Barbara & Gary,
    It must sure be a good feeling to be able to catch up with Gary while he continues his journey of a lifetime along the Appalachian Trail. Gary must have been overwhelmed with happiness when he first saw you on the trail. Or did you meet in a town along the way? Anyway, it must have been a wonderful feeling for him to see a familiar face once again. Keep on trekkin' Gary. We are enjoying reading about your progress.
    Another Singleton out West.
    Jack Singleton

  2. Nice picture! So glad that you got to meet up with him? Was he a chatter box since he hasn't seen you in awhile? He looks good! Wondering what kind of animals he has come across along his journey. From, Carol Y.

  3. Hi Carol,
    He said he has only seen two snakes and that is all. I am glad and hope he doesn't see any thing more. He was a little talkative....asking about things at home and telling me some about his trip. The weather was beautiful and the drive was great. Gary had to shop and do laundry. I took food and we packed it up for now and for a drop in a week or so. We ordered a new backpack and just kept busy. I asked him to just stay in the car with me when I took him back. He wants to finish. He is over 800 miles now.