Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24

     I came home for lunch today and Gary called while I was home.  He is staying at the 482.7 mile marker at the Lost Mountain Shelter in Virginia. He said he was cold and some snow on the ground but doing OK.  One of the people with him had a problem with his knee and they went off the hill to Damascus and he got a shot of cortisone and rested a couple hours and they rode back to the trail and are hiking like nothing happened.  Talk about a tough guy, I've heard the shot is awful by itself.

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  1. Hello Barbara,
    It's interesting seeing Gary's pictures as he continues on his incredible journey. We applaud him for his Commitment to complete his adventure. There will probably be a book deal or a movie after this we expect!
    Tell Gary we are proud of him.
    Jack & Sandie
    Auburn, WA