Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22

I just got a call from Gary tonight after he walked 15+ miles.  He is at Helen, GA and has walked 58.6 miles.  He seemed in good spirits having spent the day in the rain.  He said the sites from the top were beautiful and he is taking lots of pictures.  I hope he will get them to me soon so I can include them.

He is impressed that the volunteers are waiting at the crossings of the trail through towns, or where ever they pass through with snacks.  He said a fella named Bruce gave him water, grapes, bananas and an orange pop on ice.  Another gave him chicken fingers and his favorite....a snickers bar. 

He is planning to say in a hotel soon with some friends he has met along the way.  I am sure a shower will be nice and having no razor with him....maybe a shave and do laundry. 

I ordered a new tent for him and am having it sent to one of his stops because he is carrying a 3-person tent still.  The weight I'm sure is a killer. 

Do keep him in your prayers.  He sounded tired tonight but I am so glad I got to talk to him and know he was OK. 

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